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Workshops, Webinar & Sessions

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Workshops, Webinar & Sessions

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Workshops, Webinar & Sessions

At DEneeraj Multi-lingual services® (DMS) TRUST Workshops, Webinar & Sessions in Bandra, Andheri , Juhu, South Mumbai, Powai, Goregaon, Navi Mumbai, Worli, Lower Parel, Chembur Mumbai and many cities such as Lucknow ,Varanasi, Kanpur, Allahabad, Delhi , Bangalore, Chennai , Kolkata , Hyderabad , Shillong and Jaipur . Our Corporate training and Team Building Training workshop and courses have been helping beginners through practical techniques to master the effective communication skills and teach you how to evade many common mistakes, With Head- office at Lucknow, India with pan-India operations. Since 1998, we’ve helped hundreds of customers find the right words with a full suite of interpreting, translation and localization services— 160 different languages and every linguistic assistance is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. DEneeraj Multi- lingual services™ TRUST (Trusted by the world’s best companies. Because to communicate efficiently in any environment is the most vital skill.
The very purpose of effective communication is to get your point across to audience explicitly accurately and our workshops are designed to train you to master personal Skills for Body, Mind and your spiritual being.

Understanding Communication Skills, 14 Common Mistakes
Planning Communications: 7C’s, Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, Rhetorical Triangle
Business Storytelling
Effective Listening and Questioning Techniques
Brushing up English Grammar and Accent
Writing Effective Business Emails, Letters, Memos, and Reports
Understanding Charts, Graphs and their use
Strategic Networking
Running Effective Meetings, Teleconferences, and Workshops
Presentation Skills, Best Practices, Ice Breakers, and Public Speaking
Using Linkedin, FB and Blogging for Business
Shared understanding in communication
11 Communication Skills every new start up must learn
Covert hypnosis workshop
Psychological strategies
Giving and Receiving Positive and Negative Feedback
Small Talk and Making High Quality Effect
Time Management for Better Communications
Inter-Cultural Communications

DEneeraj Multi-lingual services® (DMS) TRUST Corporate Training focuses on optimising interpersonal communication. You can study English, French and Spanish as a language of instruction at the same time our team can customize the exact curriculum and deliver the same while focusing on individual language enhancement.
DEneeraj Multi-lingual services® (DMS) TRUST communicative methodology coaching students for real life situations and circumstances. Our language, soft skills programs and courses for mastering functional aspect of languages and other skills through dramatics, real time role-playing and team building games, which are a lot of fun! We take very small groups of 5 to 10 participants according to their language level, and the study material can be customized to the requirements of the specific group.

Transform Your Organization with workshops

Special retreat week next month on the International Day of Yoga

DEneeraj Multi-lingual services® result oriented Corporate training, Workshop, Events & Retreats
Our Student-centric courses, hands-on workshops, seminars, webinars and Training Courses, Mumbai, India
Our student-centered approach, dialogic and interactive methods allow our trainers to create our soft- skills, business English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (or other) language courses to the you requirements; therefore, the curriculum can be modified to meet your challenges after an initial VLSE assessment and evaluation , or after the first few classes.
Communication skills
Corporate training
Creative Writing
Personality development
Public speaking
Personal Grooming
Self defence for the corporate
Foreign languages
DEneeraj Multi- lingual services™ (DMS) Excellence Assured

DEneeraj Multi-lingual services® (DMS) TRUST end-to-end corporate solutions, special Yoga sessions with foreign Language Learning Programs, Workshop, Events & Retreats.

our soft- skills, business English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (or other) language courses and Training workshops

Selecting Activities That Actually Work

DEneeraj Multi-lingual services® (DMS) TRUST believes in the holistic approach to personal Growth, we engage with our highly interactive sessions with lots of activities that can organically develop awareness about challenges, strength and even short comings. Our hands-on workshops, seminars, webinars and Training Courses, Mumbai, India are not just limited to the conventional coaching , but includes formal and informal team building games & activities for grooming others for their specific roles in the organizations .

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