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Foreign Language Voice-Over Solutions

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Foreign Language Voice-Over Solutions

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Foreign Language Voice-Over Solutions

Voice-over is an audio-visual auditory technique in which a previously translated target text is recorded over the source audio track.  DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS) Foreign Language Voice-Over Solutions are always done by native Voice-Over artists.

All Foreign Language Voice-Over projects require excellent and appropriate voices and a recording studio.  Our Foreign Language Voice-Over project manager are experienced artist themselves, they can select the precise voice for your Voice-Over project and provide excellent audio quality without any background noise.

Dependable & Detailed Foreign Language Voice-Over Solutions,

 Whenever you require it.

 DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS) voiceover specializations:

  • Films & TVC
  • AV and radio advertisements
  • Documentaries & Corporate Videos
  • Multimedia applications
  • Company presentations

A Global Leader in Foreign Language Voice-Over Solutions

 DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS) is a Leader in multilingual Foreign Language Voice-Over Solutions in over 160 languages.  Our native voice over talents and voice over artist can make a cultural connection using a voice familiar to your target audience.


The World’s Leading Foreign Language Voice-Over Solutions

We are specialized in Foreign Language Voice-Overs because DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS) has many experienced and native and non-native voice-over talents with vast knowledge in a target language and exceptional understanding of specific language glossary so that during recording sessions they can also check the text and any grammar mistakes.

Languages, Translation, Words, Interpretation & Expressions

 Foreign Language Voice-Over Solutions at highly competitive rates.

DEneeraj Multilingual services® (DMS) provides Foreign Language Voice-Over Solutions with vast experience in Language, Literature, VO, Translation & Interpreting. We provide the complete multi-lingual voice over solutions for all of your multilingual communications and productions. We also undertake audio transcription and language translation, to voiceover recording and post audio editing and multimedia integration. We have one of the largest teams of voice over talents to serve all of your multilingual voiceover needs in all types and styles: Commercial, Narration, Character Animation, Corporate and Film.

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DEneeraj Multi- lingual Services® (DMS) is trusted by Over 100 Companies

We know that the Foreign Language Voice-Over is a multifaceted multi-lingual professional service that requires an experienced voice-over artist expertise in both target and source languages with real time experience in the field of Voice-Over and translation.

By DEneeraj Multi- lingual services®

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