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Languages, Translation, Words, Interpretation & Expressions

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Languages, Translation, Words, Interpretation & Expressions

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Interpretation and translation services in India

Languages, Translation, Words, Interpretation & Expressions

They are perhaps the earliest forms of art that rose from the roots of our rise as a species to a civilization.  According to the biblical legend, the humans were punished by God for creating a very high tower with the curse of multiple languages. The tower of Bable thus gave rise to the expression called “Babbling.” If such was a curse was set on the planet, maybe sending spaceships out was the best thing we’ve ever done.

Language is a gift. A gift that sometimes feels lost in translation.

We at DEneeraj Multi- lingual Services® (DMS) believe that the human space is a Multi-Lingual, Multiregional, & Multicultural expanse. In all our services in Translation, Localization, Voice Over, Interpretation, Dubbing and Website Localization Services, we have noticed some common mistakes done by our contemporaries and clients alike.

Unwillingness to Understand It

So perhaps the real curse was not language, but unwillingness to understand it. To assume that the words and feelings behind sentences are just “babbling,” of a less literate person. Ignorance was the real curse. And yet we do this over and over. Every time we translate a word in its most basic apparent meaning. Refusing to feel it. Refusing to make the message behind it truly our own.

Some words have been borrowed from culture to culture because there was no sensible way to explain or describe them.

Translation & Interpretation are the Artistic expressions

It is not something one can throw through Google translate and expect an understanding. Nor does careless interpretation help one communicate well.  As with all things that have led humanity to the station it enjoys now, Language, no matter where from must be revered. Must be understood and felt, Must be celebrated.

And then some words do not express the feeling. They become the feeling.

Love,” as an example is a much celebrated word in English language denoting a meaning most sacred to us. But the same meaning in Spanish is symbolized by the word “Amore.”

The cold detachment of “It has nothing to do with us,” is never the same as the joyful abandon of Punjabi “Sannu ki”.

The delicate romance of Italian “Giuseppe marline” is never the same the stoic American “Joe green.” The true American English translation of “Jo jee kare kar,” in Hindi then is not “Do what you want,” but “whatever floats your boat.”

Interpretation and translation services in India

Find your words. Make yourself heard. That is the true gift of language. That exactly what DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS) Translation, Interpretation, & Transcription offer.

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By DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS)

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