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Translation & Interpreting for Multilingual Communication

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Translation & Interpreting for Multilingual Communication

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Translation & Interpreting for Multilingual Communication

Communication and Translation are almost synonymous. And Translation & Interpreting into multi-lingual pattern help them to reach and cater to large target audience. In some translation assignments and simultaneous   interpretation (SI) conferences our translator and interpreter   can play an active role in the overall communication landscape, their linguistic skills improve the effect of the original message.


The Translation Process

  The translators and interpreter of DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS) can translate/interpret in more than 160 languages and all multi-lingual formats.  Our multi –layered translation process is about understanding the  potential discrepancies  and possible errors   and then comprehend the intended  meaning  in the target text  in its entirety and context. Our translators may translate   any number of documents, including articles, books, poetry, and short stories.


Our new and bold Communication style  of  translation is related to rewriting;  our subject matter expert translators not only translate but transcreate  a new text altogether  in the target language that reproduces the content and style of the original in order to communicate factually.

Whenever possible, literary translators work closely with authors of original work to best formulate  their intended meanings and literary characteristics.

DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS) offers Language, Literature, Translation & Interpreting Services and we have worked in just about every linguistic  field, and  we take  great delight in our  ability to  bridge  the gap caused by a language barrier. We have vast experience in Language, Literature, and Translation & Interpreting.


Language, Literature, Translation & Interpreting Services and solution


DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS) Language, Literature, Translation & Interpreting Services

and solution, we write original content, translate and organize fully functional and tested online content and software apps.  All our translators are expert in their requisite   linguistic skills as well as specialist in subject matter expertise (SME), so our esteemed and experienced translators and writers can decipher accurate and culturally sensitive Language translation and localization.

Multilingual Communication Providers


We provide Multilingual Communication  and solution in more than 160 languages and dialects with multiple offices and associates.  We also interpret into/from over 100 languages, including all the main European, Asian, American, African, Indian and Middle Eastern languages.

Translation & Interpreting include:

  • Multilingual translation and Localization
  • Multilingual Translation and Localization
  • Audio/Video Translation and Localization
  • Software Translation and Localization
  • Website Translation and Localization
  • Software and Website Testing
  • Mobile Application Translation and Localization
  • Interpretation Services
  • Globalization Consulting Services
  • Multilingual Website Design
  • eCommerce Translation and Localization

DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS) is trusted by Over 100 Companies

Including some of the world’s largest and most prominent organization government and non governments both.  Our team of expert translators, writers  and  interpreters with  broad know-how in the most diverse fields. This knowledge guarantees that our clients will get best possible Translation & Globalization Services

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By DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS)


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