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localisation, Interpreting and Translation Services

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localisation, Interpreting and Translation Services

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We are starting a blog series on differences and similarities between translation and localization ,and at DEneeraj Multi- lingual services™ (DMS) where quality and Excellence are assured. But all term share a common platform called linguistic that’s why DEneeraj Multi- lingual services™ (DMS) is one of the leading translation agencies with pan India operations offering all lingual support such as translation, coaching, Voice-Over / dubbing , content Writing , Interpretation, Placements for language Professionals, Global Travel Facilitation and even Multilingual SEOs.
But there is still a widespread confusion in these 3 interchangeable terms localization, Interpreting and Translation and to think that there are identical but in realty there are different.

On a number of point’s localization, Interpreting and Translation, as expounded in this blog, is more congenial with deeper understanding of industry. For example Website localization is very specific area and the language has to have local understanding and assimilation to reflect the right meaning to the target audience.
Perhaps the most important and fundamental point concerns the broader role and implication of localization than translation change and on the other hand Interpretation is all about oral communication.

By Deneeraj Multi-Lingual Services

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