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International Business Communication

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International Business Communication

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International Business Communication

              JUST English & Communication !

ON THE BEHALF OF DEneeraj Multi-lingual services® (DMS), we welcome you ! And congratulations on starting a journey that will transform your life linguistically ! our International Business English course is aimed at CEO, senior Executives, CFO, Professionals and Business leaders who wish to improve their Business English language skills in specific business topics and situations. As well as improving their Business English skills, participants gain an insight into the international working environment.
What comes to mind when you hear that the very word “Business Communication”? You might imagine the language  and  different pronunciations patterns.

Business Communication is much more than that – it implies accent, voice strength, modulation, body language and deeper sense of clarity when it comes to effective communication. It means walking your talk, and it involves making selection of right terms with right timing to achieve purposeful oratory.


Our Intensive English Business (IEB) courses Will Help You

(IEB)  courses and workshops are combination of many soft and communication skills  to help you create and deliver an excellent,  effective and  empowering  speech or presentation , allowing you to get beyond language concerns and get on with  social LIFE. There are many positive outcomes from this program.   Working in partnership with you, we focus your motivation, build your confidence, and help you achieve effective communication in the shortest possible time.

Business Communication workshops involve 7 distinct yet interconnected hands-on practices. While we refer to them as the 7 “steps”,  What they do accomplish is to integrate timeless Intensive English Business  into daily conversation and chat  . These steps are actually skills and mindfulness practices that can serve you for the rest of your life.

DEneeraj Multi-lingual services®   result oriented Communication workshops, webinar, sessions & Retreats

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