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Chinese Translation & Interpretation Services

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Chinese Translation & Interpretation Services

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Chinese Translation and Interpretation Services

China is becoming a global giant for everyone now it imperative to get translated all your marketing materials, products and tools and last but not least the  websites and social media pages  must be translated into Chinese and vice versa. And our company can help you do the same, DEneeraj Multi- lingual services® (DMS)    Excellence Assured; we provide exclusive Chinese translation and interpretation services in mandarin and Cantonese  by our native  Chinese translators  but born and brought in India . They have  perfect  Chinese language skills oral as well as written.    We aim to help you with our professional Chinese Translation and Interpretation Services.

once your company  get translated  content into Chinese that will automatically  connect  with your target audience in back china. We offer a range of Chinese Translation and Interpretation Services  for businesses, both small and large.

Chinese Translation and Interpretation Services

  • Chinese translation  of Documentation
  • Chinese translation of Product and User Training
  • Chinese translation of e-Learning
  • Chinese translation of Product Specifications and Marketing Guides
  • Chinese translation of Marketing and Sales Literature
  • Chinese translation of Software Applications
  • Chinese translation of ERP Content and Software
  • Chinese translation of Multimedia
  • Chinese translation of Design Guides and Specifications
  • Chinese translation of Legal Documentation
  • Chinese translation of Compliance and Regulatory Content
  • Chinese translation  of Health and Safety Content

Our Chinese translation team provides exceptional quality and service by taking a customised, consultative approach to each project.  We Provide multi t language services for global players s to get your products and services  to market quicker and share vital product  and services information with an international  chain.

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By Deneeraj Multi-Lingual Services


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